A Texan Goes to New England

The actual Camera Club presentation by Jon Holiday included preparation insights, tips, lessons learned, etc, but here at least are the "picture shows".  They're in Flash with music, and have manual features as well.  If this is your first time to view them, I'd appreciate a quick email to let me know what you think.  Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!

Fall in New England    approx 3:30
Foliage and more

Quintessential New England     approx  5:20
These images are reflective of what this Texan thinks New England must look like, OR what this Texan was pleasantly surprised to find - architecture, barns, etc....

Covered Bridges   approx.  2:40
SW New Hampshire and SE Vermont abounds with covered bridges - a rarity in the southwest.  I saw and photographed 12 of them - here's a nice sampling.

IMHO   approx. 2:40
These are what I, and a few others, think are some of my very best.

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